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[Tech] RDF Techniques - First attempt

From: lisa seeman <seeman@netvision.net.il>
Date: Thu, 05 Feb 2004 19:00:35 +0200
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Cc: 'Kenneth Zwiebel' <ken@ubaccess.com>
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Wendy created a version of the RDF techniques document 


Firstly apologies -  This is nothing like a finished document. So if
anyone wants to points out that it needs a good edit - don't - we know

This document is and will be off the beaten track. So there are some
fundamental questions that need answering. So I took the liberty of
showing to the group a "proof of concept" document as a basis to try and
resolve these issue. 

Consider it a brain dump (that get's less and less complete as you go)
I want to know that we are on the write track before I work on making
the document complete, just to rip it to pieces an start again. (Editing
is a lot of work for me)

These are the type issues that we could discuss at this point

1. General structure of the document, do we like the way topics are
broken up or do we prefer a guideline by guideline approach?

2, Are people happy The top level categories 
Are there more categories that we would like to add, is the intro to RDF
about the amount of detail that we would like to see

3, How much detail to include in the document (are we going to assume 
understand gateway techniques before read RDF techniques? Do we assume
they understand RDF,  do we write it in such away that knowledge of RDF
is not necessary?

4,  Developing Techniques for this document
-for marking page structure -do we want to do that
- for interactivity elements -do we want to do that

Writing clearly and providing clear test section shows potential of RDF.

But a lot is experimental . So far I have done some documenting existing
techniques that work with existing 
engines, but don't know which one the user will use. Do we would like a
way to clarify text so that renderers are conformant to that.

6, Should we be making a task force or group to make a WAI Ontology

Yesterdays's task force telecon had an interesting discussion on these
issues, Please try to take a look:

All the best,
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