Re: Why CSS On Older Browsers Is Broken

At 10:01 AM 9/29/00 -0700, Kynn Bartlett wrote:
>I'll use my web page as an example.
>Right now it's orange and yellow and all sorta autumny.  I use
>tables and I apply styles, colors, and fonts using only CSS.

Kynn, Nice web site. Didn't see it in it's previous colors.  Interesting
use of style sheets to change the seasons on one's web site! Reminds me, I
need to update my Halloween page and hang it on our site soon! 

>It is truly a shame that there are so few graphic artists
>involved in these discussions, and it is no surprise that we
>continue to make specifications which will not be applied, because
>we discount the valid concerns of the people who will have to
>apply these standards.

Well said, Kynn. In an earlier note to Alan I mentioned Flash which
provides a presentation in which text and graphics are displayed while a
sound file duplicates the text ... What else is needed for this to be
"accessible" to disabled web users? Why isn't multi-media the solution
instead of the problem?



Anne L. Pemberton
Enabling Support Foundation

Received on Friday, 29 September 2000 18:11:48 UTC