Re: Textual Images vs. Styled Text, Round Two *ding*

At 05:58 PM 9/29/00 +0100, Alan J. Flavell wrote:
>On Fri, 29 Sep 2000, Anne Pemberton wrote:
>> At 11:27 AM 9/29/00 +0100, Alan J. Flavell wrote:
>> >If the "graphical designers" of your quote are more interested in
>> >achieving their graphical effects than in reaching a wide readership
>> >for their content, then they are using the wrong medium anyway.
>> I disagree most emphatically with this statement. 
>I respectfully submit that this is due to a misunderstanding.  You
>seem to be reading something into my sentence above that I had not

Likewise, your comments seem to read "something" into the intent of web
designers that they do not intend. 

I strongly disagree that a designer should consider his/her audience as
"those who have an interest in the topic", but may be only a portion of
those interested. In Virgnia, the state curriculum has seven year olds
(mostly pre-readers) learning about Ancient Egypt and Ancient China. Wanna
do a search under each topic and see how many of those pages would be
useful for this segment of the interested audience? Truly, Alan, the
pickin's are slim! Even sites which have special pages "For Kids" don't
always cut the mustard for the wee ones.  

I would have liked to see your problem travel site while reading of your
problems, but you didn't include it. One of the sites to be used on Monday
runs on Flash. So, part of my "job" this afternoon was to download Flash to
the computers to be used, and I decided to put it on all of them from the
git-go. Perhaps I should have been grumbling that I had to do that extra
chore - the web designer should have made my job easier, but what the site
does with Flash is to present the information in a manner that will be
useful with the kids - still drawings, modest text, and audio in an
interesting voice. The site is:
and the site is all about presentation since it offers two versions, one
for K-1 (5-6 yr olds), another for 2-3 (7-8 year olds), which can be used
with Flash online, or downloaded and run in Powerpoint. A very useful web

Don't know what happens in speech readers with this site, but Flash
presents it both visually and aurally at the same time, so perhaps a speech
reader would not be needed to visit this one. 


Anne L. Pemberton
Enabling Support Foundation

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