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Lisa and Kynn,

>At 02:20 AM 9/21/2000 , lisa kestenbaum wrote:
> >are we going to make
> >XML Techniques for WCAG 1.0 [5]

this is still under debate.  PF has published the "XML Accessibility 
Guidelines [1]."  In drafts, we have incorporated some of these guidelines 
under our guidelines/checkpoints [2].  The debate is to whether we should 
continue to separate how to create an accessible language from how to use a 
language accessibly.

> >XSL Techniques for WCAG 1.0 [6]

Charles has argued that XSLT is actually an authoring tool since it 
generates content.  However, there has been buzz about the accessibility of 
XSL FO's, but I am not familiar with the current working draft.

> >DTD and Schema Techniques for WCAG 1.0 [7] ?

Again, not sure.  Clearly, we will address the XML based languages that 
exist and it seems desirable to help educate how to use any web technology 
in an accessible way. We'll see what happens.

> >are there "crossovers" between us and the xml groups?

Yes, through PF.

>I suspect that with the way WCAG 1.0 is structured, your questions
>above are moot; however, I believe it _is_ an issue of discussion
>regarding those for WCAG 2.0.  I expect that with WCAG 2.0 on the
>way (from us), that efforts would be better spent on that (and techniques
>or checkpoints or whatever) rather than trying to retrofit them onto

Yes, dicussing this issues are entirely in scope for WCAG 2.0 - please 
refer to the requirements for WCAG 2.0 [3] in which we state:
1. Ensure that minimum requirements may be applied across technologies
WCAG 2.0 will include requirements for:
       Presentation (e.g., CSS and HTML, PDF)
       Multimedia (e.g., SMIL, SVG, Flash)
       Structure (e.g., HTML, MathML)
       Metadata (e.g., RDF)
       Interactivity (e.g., DOM, JavaScript)
       Designing new languages (e.g. XML)


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