Re: Flash and WCAG

Hello Mike,

I responded to a private mail you sent to me a while back, but I will also 
respond publicly to this e-mail.

> > 1. In the context of Checkpoint 1.4 [0], Cynthia Shelley asked [1], "Does
> > anyone know if Flash supports synchronizing captions?"
>This is possible via several different methods... Some are fairly simple,
>some are a bit more convoluted.. I would be interested in maybe making an
>example site illustrating this, maybe with someone on the working group (Mr.

An example site would be excellent!  Is anyone interested in volunteering 
to work with Mike on this?

> > 2. In July the working group published "Non-W3C Techniques for Web Content
> > Accessibility Guidelines 1.0" [2].  It has two Flash related
> > examples.  What do you think of them?  Can you improve upon them?  Are
> > there others you can suggest?  The current suggestions only discuss what to
> > do if the user does not have a Flash plug-in enabled or installed.  Have
> > you investigated how to make Flash directly accessible?  In other words,
> > have you tested how to make a Flash presentation usable by a person with a
> > screen reader?
>We have tech notes available and several white papers documenting most, if
>not all of these concerns.. but it would be great to get all of the concerns
>together and shoot them into one central place... What steps do you
>recommend to get this ball rolling?

Where are these documents?  Who is interested in reading these and then 
figure out how to include  the information in the non-w3c technologies 
techniques for wcag?

Thank you,
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Received on Wednesday, 27 September 2000 11:39:21 UTC