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At 09:12 AM 9/21/00 +0000, lisa kestenbaum wrote:
>review the text with these considerations in mind prior to publication on 
>the web.

WL: Perhaps a full stop after "mind"?

No matter how old I get, I still have a hard time becoming oriented to 
"orientate". It's the same kind of "bloviation" as we find when what 
commentators do isn't to comment (as it was in my youth <g>), but to 

LK:: Insinuations and trends that are intended to be identified by 
analyzing the structure, should be explicitly stated in the summary.

WL: In a search for excellence occasional nuggets occur and this should IMO 
be topmore (How's that for a corruption of "topmost"?).

LK::"  [from 3.5]"...provide abbreviated labels..." [from 3.10]"...provide 
expansions for abbreviations and acronyms..."

WL: These (and there may be others) might benefit from "gathering"?

LK::  3.11 "...This can be improved by:
a) Restricting these items to one section of the page can help the user 
retain focus.
b) For a content filled site, one may further provide the user with an 
option view without banners..."

WL: some grammar change ("can" to "to" in a and for b "For a content-filled 
site, providing an optional banner-free view")?

LK:: "4, Design for ease browsing and navigation"

WL: Either "ease of" or "easy"?

LK:: "To help the User's navigate: [The old "gratuitous apostrohe"?]
a) They should be easy to locate within the over-all structure of the content.
b) They should be consistent across web pages or related documents?

WL: I'm confused about to whom "they" refer - surely we don't need to 
locate consistent users across Web pages <g>.

LK:: "...examples of this includes..." and "...all links have a textual 

WL: Number, please?

In summary I think this is really good stuff or I wouldn't be making these 
picky little proofreads.

I vote for incorporation!


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