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At 07:37 AM 9/12/2000 , Anne Pemberton wrote:
>Myself, I liked very much William's site that included graphics. The result
>is a much more inviting presentation. The criticism of the animated
>graphics as a "bad idea" is misplaced. The first time I viewed the page, I
>didn't even notice there was animation until I had gone through the whole
>page and returned to the top to look it over a second time noting the
>details including the animation.

However, this illustrates a fundamental problem with the animation
itself -- if it _doesn't_ stand out, and if it _can't_ be noticed 
as animated, then it's not a good design element.  The purpose of
using animation, on the web, is to _make something stand out_.  If
an animation fails to do this, then it's clearly gratuitous!

--Kynn, pretending he's a web designer

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