Re: Guide to Guidelines

I haven't commented too much on William's work in this area.
Not because I think it's unworthy, but because I think this _is_
a role better suited for third-party "interpreters" (which includes
the WAI Education and Outreach group).

This does not mean that I think outside groups must be _relied_
on in order to "translate" our work; in fact, I think the very
opposite, that we need to make our *primary output* -- which I
see as being the WCAG document(s) -- understandable by everyone.

This doesn't mean that there's not room for additional documents
that explain this or that they're not of great value; while they
-are- of great value, I am personally more interested in working
on the WCAG first and foremost to make it a usable document.

I see the "Everyman's Guide to the WCAG" as being a great project,
but one for either another group or for this group when we're
done with our first and most important project.

(There may be some ways in which William's work here can be
folded back into the WCAG development stream, and I would like
to see that area of investigation pursued.)

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Received on Monday, 11 September 2000 18:12:00 UTC