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Date: Monday, September 11, 2000 8:11 AM
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>I think one thing is missing and that is an short introduction that will
>make the Guide to Guidelines make sense the first time around. - I.E. Not
>everyone is using the same input and output mediums, people can have
>navigating, not everyone will be seeing the format, so convey structure
>information though markup.
>Alternatively, an explanatory sentence by each principal, would serve the
>end. Otherwise people can be left asking "why?".

But it is looking good
>>A funny thing happened on my way to the Website. I decided to put in some
>>graphics because Jonathan thought it might help and others said it would
>>look better. I always thought that was just short of nonsensical. So I put
>>in some (supposedly appropriate) icon-like graphics and *ta-da* it not
>>looked different, it sort of looked better. Then I thought they'd probably
>>be more useful if they were links. So I made them go places.
>>Now the "Guideline Guide" has over 20 links. Although many of them are to
>>the WCAG 1.0 and other WAI documents, several are to outside sources I've
>>found useful in this area. I could use lots more - it's kind of nice to
>>have resources pre-located and all in one place IMHO. I'd like some
>>feedback from some on the lists who try the site at
>>http://rdf.pair.com/guide.htm with the idea that it can be sort of like a
>>"concordance" for WCAG.

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