FlowerFunds - Fund Raising Program

SendFlowersAmerica is proud to introduce FlowerFunds--

This unique new concept will provide an income flow for your 
organization for years to come.  Your organization is invited to 
explore the possibilities of participating in FlowerFunds. 

     $FlowerFunds is an individualized fund raising program for 
non-profit organizations and schools.

     $FlowerFunds are cash rebates that are paid to your 
organization each and every time an order is placed by your 
members and supporters.

     $The best part is that it costs your organization nothing to 

How it works:

     1.   When your members and supporters order flowers or gifts 
through sendflowersamerica they determine the price they want to 
pay; be it $30, $40, $50 or $1000.  Since your members and 
supporters determine the price, they all can participate in this 

     2.   Your organization receives 20% of the purchase price of 
the order.  Say a husband buys his wife a $50 bouquet.  Your 
organization will receive a $10 cash rebate. Nice.

This program never ends.  Each and every time there is an order 
placed by your memebers and supporters, your organization will 
receive the 20% cash rebate.  That's a lot of FlowerFunds, and 
your organization stands to benefit from a findraiser unlike any 
other fundraiser.

For more information call 1 800 SEND 123 or


Imagine earning money for your organization by making someone 
smile  :-)

Received on Wednesday, 30 August 2000 08:06:38 UTC