Suggestion for Technique document: LINK element and skipping links

Hello GL people,

There's another way to skip navigation bars that I'd suggest adding to the 
techniques document: by using the LINK element of type bookmark.  In fact, 
this is a good way to jump to various parts of a document.  It's used on 
the w3c home page (as Ian pointed out to me).

   <LINK rel="bookmark" href="#technologies" title="Technologies |" />
   <LINK rel="bookmark" href="#news" title="News |" />
   <LINK rel="contents" href="#contents" title="Contents |" />
   <LINK rel="bookmark" href="#search" title="Search" />

It's not presently in the techniques document in

although LINK's of other types are described elsewhere.

LINK described at
LINK types described 
at  .  One type described 
there is "bookmark" to get to a defined point in an extended document.


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