Re: literacy?

IJ:: "Text is not ideal for communicating..."

WL: I think "ideal" misses the point that it's sofa king *good* for that
purpose that the Web (and our puny efforts) assume it. I think we're
pretty well agreed that we can (at least effectively enough to have
established an almost entirely verbal communication network) put more
stuff into text than we can put text into the other obvious media. Each
urge to do it the other way 'round has met with something right next to
ridicule, if not scorn <g>. It is so widely held that speech (yes even
ASL) is what identifies us as sentient and that text is a reasonable
representation, for most purposes, of speech (hence the word "language"
deriving from "tongue"). 


Received on Thursday, 17 August 2000 08:56:06 UTC