Re: literacy?

Writing ex officio again:

I don't think the guidelines assume that the reader of web content must be
literate. An illiterate person can in principle operate a computer via
speech input and listen to speech output. What the guidelines demand is
that (per Principle 4) content must not be expressed in a more complex
manner than the nature of the purpose and subject matter demand; and that
modality-specific (auditory/visual) presentations be provided to aid
comprehension where appropriate. This reduces the over-all comprehension
threshhold, but it also needs to be acknowledged that a certain ability to
understand language will be necessary in order to access most (though not
necessarily all) content. This is a plain and simple fact which no access
strategies can overcome. However, we can try to minimize complexity,
provide a consistent style of presentation, include graphical/auditory
material where appropriate, etc., to aid understanding.

This will not make all content accessible to all people, but it will
facilitate comprehension and under certain circumstances amount to the
diference between content's being accessible, or inaccessible, to
particular individuals.

Received on Thursday, 17 August 2000 02:33:06 UTC