Strata and Terminology: WCAG 1.0

Okay, let's start by examining what exists.  Here's what we
currently have in WCAG 1.0:

Themes -- very very broad (only 2 in WCAG 1.0)
Guideline Summary
Guideline Full Text
Guideline Rationale/Explanation
Techniques Reference

Note that techniques are not actually organized by checkpoint
internally in the Techniques document; thus the use of
"reference" above.

Here's an XML representation of the WCAG document

       <full text>...</sumary>
         <checkpoint priority="1" technique="wcag_tech#id">
         <checkpoint priority="3" technique="wcag_tech#id">
         <checkpoint priority="2" technique="wcag_tech#id">

Does this look accurate to everyone?  (In other words, have I
correctly identified the structure of the WCAG 1.0 document?)

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