Re: Kynn's WCAG Proposal

JW:: "Providing the practicing web site designer with guidance is only
one of the purposes of the document."

WL: Kynn must remember this just as I must remember that this is one of
the purposes <g>.

JW:: "The guidelines themselves cannot be changed without proceeding
through the W3C process. They are supposed to be (and must comprise) a
stable document, subject to change only infrequently."

WL: Kynn's idea that there should be new accessibility examples for
every new technology does not fly in the face of this problem. If the
strata are from most to least general then the top two or so "normative"
parts need only infrequent change and the tagged-on parts needed when
all the acronyms come out to play will be created on demand - based on
the upper, abstract levels.

We've got to start somewhere and I hope/pray that it is with the
abstract statements currently called "principles", which though probably
not perpetually immutable, can be comprehensive and *normative*
(whatever that means<g>).


Received on Tuesday, 15 August 2000 09:28:17 UTC