Re: Kynn's WCAG Proposal

KB:: "There's my pie-in-the-sky description of how I'd restructure
WCAG to make it easier to understand.  What do you think?"

WL: I think that's just fine. The various components (Principles,
Guidelines, Checkpoints, Examples/Techniques) can be gleaned from the
total document by means of template query access to the entire corpus if
it is appropriately stored. 

Let's agree, if we can that there should be Principles. Further that
there should be specific coded examples of how to comply with WAI intent
whichever technology is being considered. How it is "organized" is not
only not worth arguing about, it is quite possible trivial to do. 

The new visitor can be presented with the results of a query for the
"WAI for dummies excerpts" if that's what's called for. 

However I want to reiterate that what I hoped we were starting to do was
to make an abstract, general set of statements ("principles" at this
time) and use those as the basis for all the rest. So far I've been
unable to get anyone to post *just the principles* so we can attack the
task of making them "simple but not too simple". IMO the rest will go
smoother when it springs from those.


Received on Tuesday, 15 August 2000 09:19:11 UTC