Re: CfP W3C Device Independent Authoring Workshop

Is this conference also going to address the development of guidelines that 
can optimize the benefits of the web for the educationally challenged  and 
persons with learning disability.

Should I ask my contacts at the learning disability organizations for their 
input? I can ask someone from the BDA (British Dyslexia Association) to 

Lisa Seeman

>From: Daniel Dardailler <>
>Subject: CfP W3C Device Independent Authoring Workshop
>Date: Fri, 04 Aug 2000 12:00:20 +0200
>Dear All,
>This message to inform you about the workshop on "Web Device
>Independent Authoring" to be held in Bristol, UK, October 3-4 2000,
>hosted by HPLabs.
>The Call for Participation and Registration forms are available at
>The primary areas of interest for this workshop are the issues related
>to creating content for multiple platforms and for all users. Our goal
>is to explore how the diverse needs of content providers and consumers
>for delivery of content across many platforms can be met through the
>use of appropriate standards, notations, tools and guidelines.
>Daniel Dardailler <>
>Roger Crimson <>
>Workshop Chairs

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Received on Sunday, 6 August 2000 01:40:18 UTC