Re: AU WG joining us for an afternoon at F2F in Bristol?

Thanks Wendy for this really positive response.

I do hope I have not gone overboard with enthusiasm, and realise that you
may all have a few other matters arising.
I can gassbag on for ever, but would you all (ok most or even some) like to
see some commercial graphics/multimedia software designed to be used by
Learning Difficulties clients for authoring.
I have 2 packages in mind, together with a variety of printed documents,
from a number of  different sources.

Also, why Bristol, London is a good bit more convenient for me, and a LD
I might also be able to organise a visit to a LD day centre for interested

jonathan chetwynd
special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant

Received on Friday, 4 August 2000 22:08:03 UTC