Status of RTF format?

A client of ours has asked about the need to provide a W3C format (html)
for documents available for download in rtf format,  included as an
accessible alternative to PDF files. Neither we nor the client can
justify including a HTML versions of the rtf documents, since with an
appropriate wordprocessor, rtf files have been accessible to all the
assistive technology we've attempted to access them with.

What justification is there for requiring html equivalents for rtf
documents? (P2 WCAG 1.0 guideline 11.1) Which "one or more groups will
find it difficult to access information in the document?" All current
operating systems  come standard with a rtf capable wordprocessor, and
for older OSs, rtf capable word processors are readily available.

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Received on Thursday, 20 July 2000 09:36:16 UTC