Re: New Technique: Technique 11.3.1 [priority 3] Check that documents are served per user preferences.

At 11:03 PM 2/5/00 , Harvey Bingham wrote:
>At 2000-01-31 18:10-0500, Wendy wrote:
>>I propose:
>>Technique 11.3.1 [priority 3] Check that documents are served per user 
>>Discussion Status:
>>awaiting discussion
>>Example Language:
>>Repair Technique:
>>Prompt user to specify language of document in technique 4.3.1.
>>Use CC/PP or XML/XSLT or other transformations on the server or gateway 
>>to configure a page for various user preferences and device profiles.
>Where is the concept of user-specific style sheet representing configuration
>desires included? Should it be here?

The user should be able to apply a style-sheet regardless of what they are 
served.  This technique is concerned more about what is served.  I have 
added the following bullet, however:
Serve style sheets based on user preferences - use the media types.

>>Work with your server system administrator to provide content negotiation.
>>Use browser sniffing on the client to request documents on the server.
>>Use cookies to remember user preferences between sessions and server 
>>documents per those preferences.
>Are cookies part of our recommendation? Are they universally understood
>across browsers? Cursory examination of their content suggests that they
>often contain proprietary representations/encoded data.

there are ways to use cookies to support "higher-end" browsers to serve 
them "fancier" content, while serving the basics to those w/out 
cookies.  therefore, they can be done well.  some folks are choosing to use 
them to make their sites more accessible.

>>Link to other versions of the document (other formats, other
>other what? representations?

ooops. forgot to finish my sentence. it should say, "Link to other versions 
of the document (other formats and languages)."


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