RE: New technique: Technique 10.2.1 [priority 2] Verify that label controls are properly positioned

I got rid of the "horizontal" suggestion.

At 09:16 PM 2/20/00 , Leonard R. Kasday wrote:
>At 06:25 PM 2/18/00 -0500, Wendy A Chisholm wrote:
>>If the radio buttons or checkboxes are horizontal rather than vertical 
>>put the labels on one line and the form controls on the next.  For 
>>example:  apples oranges pears
>>[checkbox] [checkbox] [checkbox]
>I'm afraid this wouldn't be clear, to hear "apples oranges pears checkbox 
>checkbox checkbox"
>you could make it look like the checkboxes on one line and the labels 
>beneath and have it read
>checkbox apples checkbox oranges checkbox pears
>just like they were each on a separate line, if each label and checkbox 
>pair are in a cell of a one row table, with a <BR> between each checkbox 
>and label, i.e.
><TD>  oranges <BR> [checkbox]
><TD> apples <BR> [checkbox]
><TD> pears <BR> [checkbox]
>For simplicity, I've omitted the actual checkbox markup as well as the 
></TD> and </TR>
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