Re: charter revisions, please review

where it says

>Where we can not find a tool that implements a technique from the ERT, we 
>          - Participate in developing open source software such as Amaya 
> or Mozilla,
>          - Develop a prototype to test that the technique is a sound 
> suggestion,
>          - Provide a forum for members of the list to discuss tools in 
> progress,
>             such as A-Prompt, Bobby, WAVE, etc.,
>           - Encourage developers of commercial tools to participate in 
> the developer forum.

This ties the items in the bullet list to the condition "Where we can not 
find a tool..."

Actually, we'll want to do these even if there is a tool somewhere that 
does implement a technique.  It's just that lacking such a tool, it's even 
more important to do one or more of these things.

Also, these aren't exactly "deliverables" in the sense of a document or 
piece of software.

How about making this a list of

Related Deliverables.  These are deliverables that are not necessarily 
products solely of this group, but are rather deliverables to which we make 
a contribution.  Our contribution may include, but are not limited to
      - design or code for open source software such as Mozilla, Amaya, etc.
      - development of a prototype to test a design concept or promote it's use
      - documented discussions and feedback to developers of tools in 
progress, such as
         A-Prompt, Bobby, WAVE, etc.

This is largely a rewording and tweaking of philosopy.

The one new thing is that feedback to developers would be documented.  This 
means providing feedback as an actual document to a tool developer, to tie 
together what would otherwise be scattered throughout email and meeting notes.

Maybe we should even break this out as a separate deliverable.


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