charter revisions, please review


I have edited the charter [1] per today's discussion.  Here is an overview 
of the edits:

1. 2nd point in mission statement now reads: "to find tools that implement 
the techniques and where there are none, prototype or participate in the 
development of an implementation;"

2. moved 4th point in mission statement  to the 3rd point. it now reads, 
"to assess the implementation of these techniques in evaluation and repair 

3. the audience used to be listed as 3 bullet points. I converted it to a 
definition list and expanded the description of tester. it now reads:
"Content authors, designers and developers
Role: develop and design Web sites.
Need: tools to help identify and fix accessiblity issues.

Role: use Web sites.
Need: tools to transform inaccessible sites.

Role: evaluate Web sites for conformance. These include policy makers, 
purchasers, managers, testers that are part of the Web site development 
team.  In other words people who may either be external or internal to the 
organization creating the site.
Need: tools to identify accessibility issues."

4. In the deliverable section, I added the following sentence to the 
description of  Evaluation, Repair, and Transformation Tools for Web 
Content Accessibility, "We will also evaluate which ERT techniques are 
supported by which  tools."

Please send comments to the list by this Friday, 21 April.


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Received on Monday, 17 April 2000 12:11:16 UTC