Re: Blind Information System

No, sounds interesting, I'm forwarding it to the WAI ER group.

Has anybody heard of BIS before ?

> as-tu vu cela ?
> Development of Information Technologies (IT) at the end of 20th 
> century brought two main changes for blind people. The first, 
> positive one, can be described as extensive electronic communication 
> (mainly Internet - e-mail and WEB), which gave blind people the 
> ability to work and communicate with other people at nearly the same 
> level as non-blind people. The second, negative change (for blinds), 
> can be found in more intensive use of graphical representation of 
> information - graphical user interface (GUI) with pictures and visual 
> effects. The problem of graphical information is based on its very 
> difficult presentation for blinds caused by complicated structure of 
> graphical information. The use of GUI is very complicated for blinds 
> because the communication in standard computer environment is based 
> on the use of pointing devices (e.g. mouse), which is totally 
> unacceptable for blind.
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