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 Hello Shawn,

The proposal that I sent out prior to the call was more about improving the site map and all the headings were not supposed to be on one page. Having said that I fully agree with last Friday's discussion that page mirroring the site navigation is neither necessary nor very useful. Can we simply get rid of this page alltogether despite any historical reasons? 


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>For those who were not on the call today, here is a summary of 
>the conclusion on the WAI Resources page issue:
>* Shawn remembered that the reason we did this page with the 
>2006 redesign was because in the old site design there was a 
>WAI Resources page. We wanted to have something similar at the 
>URI for persistence, in case others had linked to it.
>* This page is not highly useful or usable as is, therefore we 
>do not want to increase visibility to it. It is not a high 
>priority to redesign this page at this time.
>Issue closed for now...
>Shawn Henry wrote:
>>> If you have any thoughts on how we can fairly easily improve the 
>>> usability and visibility of the WAI Resources page 
>>> <>, please send those in 
>>> e-mail or prepare to discuss them at this week's 
>teleconference. Note 
>>> that we will not do major changes to the information 
>architecture yet.
>> Here is some more information to help focus the discussion.
>> The WAI Resources page mirrors the site navigation, which 
>was defined 
>> in the information architecture (IA) stage of the site redesign 
>> project back in 2005[1].
>> On the WAI home page, in the blue navigation area (which is <h2>Site 
>> Navigation), are the main categories: Introducing Accessibility, 
>> Guidelines & Techniques, Managing Accessibility, Evaluating 
>> Accessibility, WAI Groups, About WAI. Each of those links to what we 
>> internally called "annotated navigation pages".
>> The information from these pages is included in the WAI Resources 
>> page, with the main categories from the navigation matching 
>the <h2>s.
>> Mirroring the navigation in the WAI Resources page is 
>intended to help 
>> users find information more easily later through the navigation.
>> Therefore, we probably would significantly edit this page until we 
>> redesign the site.
>> We do plan to redesign the site; however, that is not a high 
>> at this time.
>> Note that we have thought of adding a page at 
>> that would offer another "door" to the 
>> resources that we provide -- perhaps organized by roles (e.g., 
>> advanced web developer, policy maker, user with a disability, etc.)  
>> If you are interested in volunteering to edit that, please 
>let me know off-list.
>> Hope that all helps.
>> ~Shawn
>> [1]

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