an intro to WAI-ARIA Suite ?


I just saw the recent publication of the Accessible Rich Internet  
Applications (WAI-ARIA) Working Drafts [1].  At first glance, it  
looks really interesting.  It seems like more and more I am getting  
asked questions regarding AJAX and Accessibility.  This seems like it  
is starting to address some of those issues.

My first inclination when hearing about this suite of documents is  
that it is going to have some nuggets of wisdom for me as web  
developer.  After skimming parts of the document, it doesn't seem  
like it is aimed at the Web developer user.

Would it be good to have some type of intro document about the ARIA  
Suite (like we do for WCAG, ATAG, EARL, and CAPTCHA)?

Maybe this could be added to the deliverables?

This suite seems like it is something a lot of people will be  
interested in.



Received on Thursday, 28 September 2006 03:49:41 UTC