Process Intro/"101" Final


I've completed the final edit of Process Intro/"101", now titled "How WAI Develops Accessibility Guidelines through the W3C Process: Milestones and Opportunities to Contribute" at:
(The only open items are like CSS for the graphics next to the numbers, which are listed in the changelog with [open].)

If you have any additional comments please send them to the list or to me by Wed 30 Aug. I may try to integrate them into this first version or take them for consideration for the next version. Before commenting, please review the updated Requirements at:
Note that there are many different audience needs related to this document, and this document can't meet them all. I think we have the right balance in this version.

Thanks for all of your input!

~ Shawn & Judy

Received on Friday, 25 August 2006 15:51:45 UTC