Re: W3C Process Intro ("Process 101") (was EOWG: Agenda for 4 August 2006 Teleconference)

Hi Shawn, hi all.
I agree with you; this document should be short.
I think it's not important to include reference about "Notes".


~ pasquale

Il giorno 02/ago/06, alle ore 16:21, Shawn Henry ha scritto:

> My quick reactions:
> - We want to keep this doc as short and focused as possible.
> - *Why* W3C uses "Recommendation" rather than "standard" I think is  
> out of scope. However, making it clear that W3C Recommendation =  
> standard I think is in scope to cover efficiently -- that is, not  
> have a long paragraph explaining it, but just something like: "W3C  
> Recommendation (Standard): ... W3C Recommendations are similar to  
> the standards published by other organizations."
> - I think we probably should include something about Notes;  
> however, I'm a little concerned about expanding the document.
> EOWG, Comments?
> Best,
> ~Shawn

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