Re: Update and Request

Hi Wayne,
Bologna Uviversity has a Accessibility Policy for its Web site 

If you want I can translate it into English ;-)


~ pasquale

Il giorno 02/feb/06, alle ore 23:44, Wayne Dick ha scritto:

> Hi,
> The committee I Chair is writing the Accessibility Policy for CSU  
> Long Beach right now.  Do any of you know of any university  
> accessibility policies that are especially good.
> This Campus IT Comittee will be developing policies and operational  
> procedures for security and accessibility.  In general we will  
> monitor all human factors issues as we tighten security, but we  
> will make sure that we don't break and even improve accessibility  
> as we do it.
> I will appreciate any pointers to preexisting policy.
> Thank You,
> Wayne

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