Re: Update and Request

We are in process of updating our Web Accessibility Statement of
Encouragement. There appears to be a fundamental shift in logic behind
the development of Higher Ed Accessibility statements that I can share
offline, if you are interested.


I am currently MSU's representative on the CIC Accessibility Group which
includes all of the Big 10 schools. I am slated to present on the topic
at the next meeting.


Until our revised Statement is made public, I cannot comment
specifically on the list. However, I can give you a heads up on the
issues we are working on if you want to give me a call. 








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Hi Wayne,


At Michigan State University, we have a Statement of Encouragement for
Web Accessibility.



Justin Thorp



On Feb 2, 2006, at 5:44 PM, Wayne Dick wrote:




The committee I Chair is writing the Accessibility Policy for CSU Long
Beach right now.  Do any of you know of any university accessibility
policies that are especially good.


This Campus IT Comittee will be developing policies and operational
procedures for security and accessibility.  In general we will monitor
all human factors issues as we tighten security, but we will make sure
that we don't break and even improve accessibility as we do it.


I will appreciate any pointers to preexisting policy.


Thank You,



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