checkboxes vs. drop-downs


Here are a few bits I found online about checkboxes vs. drop-downs.
DISCLAIMER: I picked these up quickly during the call, so they are not vetted nor are they a complete list.

"If possible, use radio buttons rather than drop-down menus. Radio buttons are better because they make all options permanently visible so that users can easily consider them. Radio buttons are also easier to operate for users who have difficulty making precise mouse movements. (Limited space might sometimes force you to violate this guideline, but do try to keep choices visible whenever possible.)" -

"If the field allows for multiple selections, try your best to avoid using the so-called “multi-select” box. This form element is at best confusing to users and at worst, it makes the form useless to those who do not immediately understand its functionality." -

"- When users are unfamiliar with the items in a list, radio buttons can assist them by communicating the domain at a glance
- On forms that will be used frequently, radio buttons are far easier and faster because they don't have to be opened and are easier to take in a glance" -

There are a bunch more...

~ Shawn

Received on Friday, 3 February 2006 13:58:36 UTC