[Draft] Requirements for Before/After Web Site Retrofitting Demo

Hi all,

Following is a draft requirements document for the Before/After Web Site 
Retrofitting Demo, for discussion at our upcoming teleconference. 
Background and discussion questions follow.


Brief background:
- a before/after Web Site retrofitting demonstration is something that we 
have discussed repeatedly during EOWG's work in the past;
- we have had several rough versions of such a site in the past, but none 
that could be used on a standalone basis (mainly these were just for 
experienced trainers to demonstrate in a well-rehearsed sequences of links 
and task throughout the sites);
- nor were the earlier versions integrated with our related materials 
particularly the evaluation resource suite and the retrofitting document 
that is in progress;
- we have this on our deliverables workplan for 2Q 2005;
- we have several people who have time/energy to work on this now, most 
likely in a task force setting;
- when done, this should complement both the evaluation resource suite and 
the "retrofitting web sites for accessibility" document
- we need some EOWG input before taking the next steps; as you can see, 
there is already some detail on the technical barriers/resolutions that we 
hope to demonstrate

Please read the following background and then take a look through the draft 
requirements document. Please comment on the list and/or in the 
teleconference tomorrow with regard to:
- does the description of mini-suite sound like it makes sense?
- anything essential seem missing?
- anything part of suite or description seem unnecessary?
- how do you see this, as currently described, fitting in with the 
evaluation suite and related resources?

Thank you,

- Judy

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