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Hi William,

Thank you for your feedback. Maybe it's worth mentioning that the whole document is currently still only a rough outline right now.


William Loughborough wrote:
> My creeping senility moved into a gallop as I tried to join the 
> conference this morning instead of tomorrow!
> I have looked at the "retrofitting" document and its basis is still a 
> bit muddled for me. Perhaps a bit about the difference between 
> "outfitting" (the creation of Webstuff) and "retrofitting" (which is 
> about how to repair an inaccessible site?)
> Although this will clearly come up a lot, I'm not sure that much can be 
> all that different. It's not like we are doing what in the automobile 
> maintenance/repair industry is called "detailing" in which small flaws 
> are remedied - or if we are then I think the approach needs study and 
> clarification.
> Are we actually deciding whether to simply scrap the offending entity 
> and replace it with an accessible version? If not that, then is there 
> any discernable method for "retrofitting", and should it come from an 
> organization whose basic premise is that accessibility must be an 
> integral part of the original construction and "retrofitting" is sort of 
> like putting lipstick on a pig?
> What would help would be if at least the outline  of the introduction 
> became an instance of an exemplification of "short description of the 
> content and scope of the document" instead of merely its label. I think 
> what I mean is that without the actual *scope* itself, rather than the 
> word "scope", I still don't know what this document intends to address.
> Love.

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