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Re: Questions about Evaluating Web Sites...

From: Jean-Marie D'Amour <jmdamour@videotron.ca>
Date: Fri, 24 May 2002 08:25:40 -0400
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To: "Jean-Marie D'Amour" <jmdamour@videotron.ca>
Cc: Chuck Letourneau <cpl@starlingweb.com>, w3c-wai-eo@w3.org, Sylvie Duchateau <sduchate@snv.jussieu.fr>
Hello Chuck,

In fact, in the virtual PC mode, the only attribute that JAWS mention is 
underline, all others are normal.

It is a limitation for the Web because in Word this function works fine.


A 07:49 2002-05-24, Jean-Marie D'Amour a écrit :
>Hello Chuck,
>JAWS is unable to read the del element and the configuration that ask JAWS 
>to say atribute changes is inoperant with the del visual apperance.
>Jean-Marie D'Amour
>A 22:07 2002-05-23, Chuck Letourneau a écrit :
>>You can view the copy of the "Evaluating Web Sites for Accessibility" 
>>draft that I captured for editing at: http://www.starlingweb.com/wai/eval1.htm
>>In some places I have used the del element of HTML to show replaced text. 
>>If this is annoying (or inaccessible) I will remove it. I have not 
>>highlighted new text.
>>I have started working from the change log entries 
>>[http://www.w3.org/WAI/EO/Drafts/impl/changelog.html] for the eval 
>>doc.  As I expected, the editing raises further questions.
>>1. For instance, I made the changes for the edit suggested by this entry 
>>in the change log:
>>         3.2.2 more diversity in tool examples [20011022]
>>         [20020410] remove the "as above" in comprehensive,  and repeat 
>> it explicitly in comprehensive review (re-cite the external ref list);
>>I think the change (i.e. repeating the list) does improve 
>>comprehension.  However, similar constructs (i.e. references to lists in 
>>Preliminary Review) appear in and  Question: if we 
>>explicitly repeat the list of tools/steps for 3.2.2, shouldn't we repeat 
>>them for these points as well?
>>2. Regarding 2.2.3, the change log states
>>         clarify purpose of changing the font size (2.2.3) [20011030]
>>         [20020410] (1) [done/cl/20020523:clarify _will_ the font size 
>> change on the screen accordingly; and is the page still usable.
>>I interpreted the point in this way: "use browser controls to vary 
>>font-size: verify that the font size changes on the screen accordingly; 
>>and that the page is still usable at larger font sizes."  Comments?
>>3. Regarding 2.2.5:
>>         questioning what printing page accomplishes (2.2.5) [20011030]
>>         [20020412] it is useful for some people, so we will leave this 
>> in, however it's not required and you don't have to use it.
>>My concern isn't with the change log comment (which I agree with). The 
>>point currently reads "change the display color to black and white (or 
>>print out page on black and white printer) and observe whether color 
>>contrast is adequate."
>>Question: Isn't black and white (i.e. 2-color) display or printing 
>>unrealistic or extreme?  Would this be better as "change the display 
>>color to gray-scale (or print out page on a gray-scale printer) and 
>>observe whether color contrast is adequate." ?
>>4. Regarding 2.2.6 - I made the change suggested in the change log:
>>         clarify without the mouse (2.2.6) [20011030]
>>         [20020412] agreed, change to without using the mouse
>>I think this point has further problems, even after the suggested 
>>change.  I think the following wording would improve it: "without using 
>>the mouse tab through the links and form controls on a page, making sure 
>>that you can access all links and form controls, and that the links 
>>clearly indicate what they lead to and form control labels clearly 
>>identify their purpose."  Actually, I think the latter part of this point 
>>should be a separate bullet... the availability of links and controls is 
>>a separate issue from link and label clarity.
>>Chuck Letourneau
>Jean-Marie D'Amour M.Éd.
>CAMO pour personnes handicapées

Jean-Marie D'Amour M.Éd.
CAMO pour personnes handicapées
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