Re: EOWG: Reminder, Meeting 5 January 2001

Outreach Update:

Gave a presentation on accessibility in Rome just before Christmas. English
and Italian versions will be available by the start of next week.


Read the Note - it is looking good. There is the perennial question of
whether we should identify examples of technology that can or can't provide
the facilities described in the note - for example there are to my knowledge
two screen readers that can provide table navigation as used in one scenario.
One has been available for months, the other for years but on a system that
is not in wide use in offices. I believe that at the moment both are still
only available in English.

I am not really sure where this info gets collected. Does anyone know of an
organisation that does it? Is there an obvious place in WAI where it is being
done the most? (The alternative browsing page is cool, but doesn't provide a
lot of detail in many cases).


Charles McCN

On Thu, 4 Jan 2001, Judy Brewer wrote:


  Reminder, meeting Friday 5 January 2001

  	Time: US Eastern 8:30 a.m. to 10:30 a.m.
  	Phone: +1 617 252-7000

  Agenda will include:

  1. Outreach updates

  2. Continued discussion: How People with Disabilities Use the Web
  	there will be an updated draft announced on this list before the meeting

  3. Discussion on resurrected WAI flyer

  4. Discussion on Quick Tips


  - Judy

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