EOWG, post-CSUN meeting [was: re: PWD-use-web]


Regarding CSUN -- After. We'll discuss at EOWG meeting today -- sorry I
forgot to list it on the agenda -- but EOWG will most likely be the Sunday
just following CSUN. WAI will not be holding any meetings before CSUN.

I was hoping to have the room confirmation by yesterday, but have not heard
back from the hotel on that yet.


At 11:58 AM 1/5/01 +0100, Helle BjarnÝ wrote:
>Have we agreed on this item from Judy's list:
>- add braille graphic from Henk and Eric?
>I think that there are so many different products and items round the world
>that we can't be sure one graphic is illustrative every where.
>Can anyone tell me if the face-to-face meetings at CSUN are before or after
>March  19.  and 24. I need to know to get a low-priced flight.
>Med venlig hilsen
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