Re: Training page -- new draft, please comment

I find it very densely packed.
as you know I prefer the slide resources.
ie One topic per page unless it is a contents page.

I wonder if we could have a makeover page
ie before and after, okay lots of them.

shouldn't the styles reflect their audiences, ie business slides are snappy,
academic ones are dense, student ones have graphics..... i am sure you can
imagine what I am suggesting.

the class projects I feel are particularly valuable.
and the need to demonstrate kit and software.

I cannot yet get emacspeak working however on jaws as i have it set up, ie
default-ish the site starts off with a lot of guff about 'bar vertical' that
does not add to comprehension.
E.O.W.G. probably sounds better than EOWG, perhaps there is an HTML tag to
indicate spell rather than read for JAWS?

Way to Go.
I am looking forward to the rapid development of this area.

Thanks, and keep moving.
jonathan chetwynd
special needs teacher
web accessibility consultant

Received on Thursday, 8 June 2000 14:00:12 UTC