Re: training doc

>JB:: "I made the pages as compact, file-size-wise, as I could. I'm
>curious what your bandwidth is?"
>WL: The reference to back button delays actually isn't very germane here
>because we're dealing with small loads but the real problem at my end is
>that I live at the end of five miles of noisy copper, an RF relay across
>the Columbia River, a telephone junction box on Hwy. 97 which usually
>has a Sprint repair truck parked near it, a Goldendale modem bank
>with... you get the idea. Don't be diverted from lots of layers, they

JB: Set your browser to deliver the pages from cache once you have
initially downloaded them, e.g. by setting your cache preferences to "don't
check for modifications every time" or some such (depends on the browser).

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