Training page -- new draft, please comment


Based on discussion at our last meeting, I experimented with some different
formats, and invite comment on the mailing list (in advance of the EOWG
meeting please) on this new version of the training page(s). I haven't
received other versions from people, so I am posting this.

I found myself aiming more towards Rob's comments, of keeping especially
the top page as lean as possible (sorry Sheela, but see what you think).
There are now five pages, linked in one set, with nothing more than one
level down. 

We need to fill in the "perspectives" page, with brief blurbs (let's say
150 - 250 words) describing different people's approaches (e.g. audience,
length of session, learning objective(s), key resources, favorite
approaches, five-point outline). If you frequently do trainings, please
draft a perspective and send it to the EOWG list. We may end up selecting a
representative variety.

Here's where the new set of pages start:

Please take the time to comment on content also, especially for the
"resources and approaches" page.


- Judy

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