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AUWG Concall February 20, 2006

From: Jan Richards <jan.richards@utoronto.ca>
Date: Mon, 20 Feb 2006 16:49:57 -0500
Message-ID: <43FA3985.5020800@utoronto.ca>
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AUWG Con Call
Monday, February 20, 2006
4:00 pm EST


Barry Feigebaum (BF)
Greg Pisocky (GP)
Jan Richards (JR) Today's Chair
Roberto Scanlon (RS)
Jutta Treviranus (JT)

Action Items indicated by AI:

New Topic discussion prior to regular agenda:

Relationship between ATAG and AJAX and other content technologies that
are rich, web apps with the look and feel of desktop apps.

BF: I know about AJAX,

JR: How this began, a user agent session on AJAX, because there is
concern about the accessibility of rich internet applications for
technologies such as AJAX allow. There should be a flow through effect.

BF: A major part of AJAX dynamic HTML meaning GUIs that reconfigure
themselves based on events. All of this is created by dynamic
Javascript. It's not the content but derivative of the execution of the
content. The other dimension of AJAX is the dynamic nature of fetching
new content. Continuously going back to the server and getting new web
page content in chunks as needed. The user agents don't have any way to
notice that any of this is happening. IBM is currently working with

JR: If it gets into WCAG in an intelligent way, there could be some
techniques we could embark upon from there. That's one of the things I
want to talk about on this call, is how to move the techniques along.


1. Comments on draft - so far we have:



(Already addressed)

-EO has a batch that should be coming soon.

Judy has indicated

-BF says IBM comments coming soon.

I have some, do you want what I have or wait until all of them have been

Overall sense:

There appears to be some confusion of relative priorities. Perhaps our
explanation could be clearer.

Disagreement with our current priorities, since 2s should be 1s that
sort of thing.

Issues around language. Make terminology consistent with WCAG

Those are some of the general categories.

-other members have been encouraged to collect input from within their
organizations as well.

GP: Circulating about Adobe.

Note: when asking others for input, use most recent internal draft:


2. Report on technique development

- JR and TB are working on this.

JR: Tim and Jan are taking a stab at this. Some are text oriented, some
with screenshots. Attempting to create a consistent format. Tim is
detail oriented, perhaps a long document. We need to include others, get
something else up soon.

GP: People would be in a better position to contribute if they could
refer to a framework they could comment upon.


JR will update the current techniques. Within the week expand the work
back into groupspace.

3. Publishing plans - heartbeat requirement means another publication is
probably needed before the end of March - most likely the Techniques.

JR: We have a requirement to publish every few months. Last time was
December was guidelines. We should publish techniques next.

4. F2F Ideas

-RS has proposed Venice

-TB has suggested NIST

JT: When were we thinking of scheduling the next one?

JR: At least the last week in April.


JR to Email rest of group, propose the possibility of Venice - April 24 - 29


Roberto to check meeting place availability that week.

JR: Tim has suggested NIST in DC as well.

JT: Let's post the list

JR: Next meeting 2 weeks from today will be March 6.

BF: That will also be the day final comments are due.

Action Items Summary:

JR will update the current techniques. Within the week expand the work
back into groupspace.
JR to Email rest of group, propose the possibility of Venice - April 24 - 29
RS to check meeting place availability that week.
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