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Re: Step 6 of Dutch translation of WCAG2.1

From: Eric Velleman <e.velleman@accessibility.nl>
Date: Wed, 15 Apr 2020 10:23:42 +0200
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To: xueyuan <xueyuan@w3.org>
Cc: w3c-translators@w3.org, public-auth-trans-nl@w3.org
Hi Xueyuan,

Thank you for your support to go to the next step of the authorized

Following up on your mail, we contacted the missing stakeholders and asked
them to approve the translation on the mailing list. The result is that we
published a new list of stakeholders including new stakeholders that were
added after the initial mail was sent out: <

19 of the 23 stakeholders (including the LTO and the Benelux Chapter of
W3C) have in fact reviewed the CAT and consider it to be an accurate
translation. Four stakeholders have not responded to the request. Two of
them indicated on the phone that because of Corona crisis they did not have
time. In one case the person working at the stakeholder had just changed
jobs and could not be reached. We received no objections.

As you proposed, on top of the review results in Dutch <
I have also summarize the discussion in English at <
The comments on the CAT have been added to the translated document, under
"Samenvatting van publieke commentaren op de kandidaat geautoriseerde
vertaling". See: <

Hope these additions make it possible to shift to the next step (step 6) of
the process.

Kindest regards,


Op wo 8 apr. 2020 om 17:16 schreef xueyuan <xueyuan@w3.org>:

> Dear Eric,
> Congratulations on the new version of CAT. Many thanks for obtaining
> confirmation from the original stakeholders, as well as 3 additional
> organizations.
> I see that out of the initial 20 stakeholders
> <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-translators/2019AprJun/0035.html>
> <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/w3c-translators/2019AprJun/0035.html>,
> 11 confirmed the translation on the review list, and the following 9
> haven't:
> * Oogvereniging (umbrella organisation for the blind)
> * VodafoneZiggo, www.vodafoneziggo.com
> * Logius, www.logius.nl
> * Capgemini, www.capgemini.com
> * Anysurfer Belgium, www.anysurfer.be
> * Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, www.han.nl
> * Deque systems, www.deque.com
> * ING bank, www.ing.nl
> * Forum Standaardisatie, www.forumstandaardisatie.nl
> Any chance that you can have them review/approve the translation? If not,
> could you specify the reason of those review/approval are missing? Please
> also indicate if any objections (from those who didn't respond) to this
> translation.
> On top of the review results in Dutch
> <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-auth-trans-nl/2020Feb/0000.html>
> <https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-auth-trans-nl/2020Feb/0000.html>,
> could you also summarize the discussion in English, and link the comments
> on the CAT to the translated document, under "Samenvatting van publieke
> commentaren op de kandidaat geautoriseerde vertaling"?
> Please feel free to reach out for any questions or more information.
> Warm Regards,
> Xueyuan
> On 4/6/20 4:08 PM, Eric Velleman wrote:
> Dear W3C,
> We would like to move to step 6 of the Policy for Authorized W3C
> Translations. The CAT is available at:
> https://accessibilitynl.github.io/WCAG21-NL/translations/WCAG21-nl/
> Step 5.4
> A majority of the Stakeholders has confirmed that they have in fact
> reviewed the document, and that they consider it to be an accurate
> translation:
> https://lists.w3.org/Archives/Public/public-auth-trans-nl/2020Mar/
> Step 5.5
> Together with the stakeholders, we (LTO) hope that W3C will accept this
> CAT as authorized translation of WCAG2.1 into the Dutch language.
> Kindest regards,
> Eric Velleman
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