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Final list of stakeholders in Dutch translation of WCAG2.1

From: Eric Velleman <e.velleman@accessibility.nl>
Date: Thu, 9 Apr 2020 22:43:15 +0200
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To: w3c-translators@w3.org, public-auth-trans-nl@w3.org
Dear all,

The LTO and stakeholders are proud to present to you the translation of
WCAG2.1 to Dutch [1]. A lot of hard and creative work was done to produce
an accurate translation. The LTO would like to thank all stakeholders for
their support and active commenting en input during the translation

The stakeholders that helped make this translation what it is constitute an
appropriate representation of the local community including government,
disability organization, umbrella
organization, organizations evaluating accessibility, a quality mark for
accessibility, web developers, a large Dutch bank and others:

LTO: Accessibility Foundation, www.accessibility.nl, Eric Velleman
W3C Benelux Host Office, www.w3c.nl, Annette Kik
Oogvereniging (umbrella organisation for the blind), www.oogvereniging.nl,
Ton van Weerdenburg
Iederin, www.iederin.nl, Wouter Bolier
Logius, www.logius.nl, Kristian Mul
Capgemini, www.capgemini.com, Remco van der Spiegel
Quality Mark Drempelvrij.nl, www.drempelvrij.nl, Marijke van Grafhorst
Cardan Technobility, www.technobility.nl, Gerard Copinga
Bartimeus institute, www.bartimeus.nl, Henk Snetselaar
Anysurfer Belgium, www.anysurfer.be , Bart Simons and Gijs Veyfeyken
Ministry of the Interior and Kingdom affairs, www.minbzk.nl , Raph de Rooij
Hogeschool Arnhem Nijmegen, www.han.nl , Thea van der Geest
Firm Ground, www.firmground.nl, Bram Duvigneau
The Internet Academy, www.theinternetacademy.nl, Jaap van de Putte
200OK, www.200ok.nl, Jules Ernst
Deque systems, www.deque.com, Wilco Fiers
ING bank, www.ing.nl, Jake Abma
Forum Standaardisatie, www.forumstandaardisatie.nl, Han Zuidweg
Level-level, www.level-level.com, Rian Rietveld
Limoengroen, www.limoengroen.nl, Marloes Bosch
Axendo, www.axendo.nl, Martijn Beumers
Elevenways, www.elevenways.be, Roel van Gils

Special thanks to Roel Antonisse and Harmen Lanser for their technical
support in generating the final webpage.

Kindest regards,

Eric Velleman

Eric Velleman
Scientific Director Accessibility Foundation
Innovation expert Bartimeus Foundation
Researcher University Twente

[1] https://accessibilitynl.github.io/WCAG21-NL/translations/WCAG21-nl/
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