Re: Completed Japanese translation of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

On 2016/12/28 18:33, oonuma ryouyu wrote:
> Hello.
> I was just finished translate of Cross-Origin Resource Sharing.
Dear Ryouyu Onuma,

Sorry for the late reply due to my absence these days. Thanks very much 
for your translation and it's been added in the translation database, 
before we discontinued the W3C Volunteer Translation Database [1].


Cross-Origin Resource Sharing
W3C Recommendation 16 January 2014

Japanese translation:
Cross-Origin Resource Sharing

Happy 2017, and wish you a wonderful new year!


> I have first time on the w3c translation, so perhaps you found some issue.
> If you have issue, please report issue on github.
> Regards.
> Ryouyu Onuma, lv7777
> //

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