Tool on-line to help HTML docs Translation


For me that I'm using magnifier/screenreader is not always easy to  
translate html documents respecting the original template and access  
all the elements and attributes content to translate. So, I ask to a  
friend that discover recently the power of DOM to do something to help  

The result is a form that is really great. We put the URL of the  
original page. The tool build an edition form. We translate all the  
fields and when we submit the form we get the page translated  
syncronised with the original template.

The developer is Carlos Benavidez (the same guy that also developed  
tools like Hera - an accessibiity evaluation tool that is at 
) and he need feedback from the translators community.

You could find the tool at: .

Kind Regards,
Jorge Fernandes

Received on Wednesday, 25 June 2008 21:41:09 UTC