Re: Tagalog Translation completed for

Dear Coralie,

Thanks for letting me know! And just in time too. I was considering translations of documents not in the list you recommended.

Okay, I'd like to declare my intent to translate into TAGALOG / FILIPINO the following documents

Do let me know if I can proceed!


Dear Joseph

I am not working on Wednesdays, so I've missed the 5 e-mails you sent  
during the last 2 days.
Thank you very much for your work. I hope the following is not a detterent!

I must say that the document you translated is not material for the  
translations database. As we include only Recommendations, group notes as  
well as outreach materials such as tutorials.

You'll find more information at the "what to translate" section of the  
Translations home page: 

Best regards,


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