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Re: Expression of intent for official translation of W3C-WAI documents to Greek]

From: Evangelos Markatos <markatos@w3.org>
Date: Thu, 20 Dec 2007 21:45:04 +0200
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To: <cs@ics.forth.gr>, <w3c-translators@w3.org>
Cc: "Constantine Stephanidis" <cs@ics.forth.gr>, "Evangelos Markatos" <markatos@ics.forth.gr>

Dear Prof. Stephanidis,
it is very kind of you that you want to translate
such a large number of WAI-related documents.

The Greek Office of W3C will be happy to
assist in this process.

with my Best Regards,
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From: "Constantine Stephanidis" <cs@ics.forth.gr>
To: <w3c-translators@w3.org>
Cc: "Constantine Stephanidis" <cs@ics.forth.gr>; "Evangelos Markatos" 
Sent: Wednesday, December 19, 2007 4:59 PM
Subject: [Fwd: Expression of intent for official translation of W3C-WAI 
documents to Greek]

> Dear all,
> I forward again my email of 8 May 2007, awaiting your response.
> I ask the Head of the W3C Office in Greece to follow up this request.
> Sincerely,
> Professor Constantine Stephanidis
> Director
> Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
> Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
> GR - 70013 Heraklion, Crete
> Greece
> E-mail: cs @ ics.forth.gr
> -------- Original Message --------
> Subject: Expression of intent for official translation of W3C-WAI
> documents to Greek
> Date: Tue, 8 May 2007 19:23:17 +0300
> From: Constantine Stephanidis <cs@ics.forth.gr>
> Reply-To: Constantine Stephanidis <cs@ics.forth.gr>
> Organization: ICS, FORTH
> To: <w3c-translators@w3.org>
> CC: Constantine Stephanidis <cs@ics.forth.gr>
> Dear all,
> In recent years, awareness of Web accessibility issues in Greece is 
> growing
> considerably. With the objective to foster this process, the Institute of
> Computer Science of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas
> (FORTH-ICS) will undertake the translation in Greek of several WAI
> documents, and would like such translations to be authorized by W3C. The
> entire translation procedure will fully comply with the Policy for
> Authorized W3C Translations, as the enclosed relevant information 
> indicates.
> Kindest regards,
> Professor Constantine Stephanidis
> Director
> Institute of Computer Science (ICS)
> Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH)
> GR - 70013 Heraklion, Crete
> Greece
> E-mail: cs @ ics.forth.gr
> =====================================================================
> Documents to be translated
> Glossary
> 1.       Basic Glossary of WAI Documents
> Technical Reports
> 2.       Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
> 3.       Checklist of Checkpoints for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines
> 1.0
> 4.       Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
> 5.       Core Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
> 6.       CSS Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
> 7.       HTML Techniques for Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 1.0
> 8.       Web Content Accessibility Guidelines 2.0 (full version)
> 9.       Understanding WCAG 2.0
> 10.    Techniques for WCAG 2.0
> 11.    Requirements for WCAG 2.0
> 12.    Requirements for WCAG 2.0 Checklists and Techniques
> General WAI documents
> 13.    WCAG overview
> 14.    Developing organizational policies on web accessibility
> 15.    Essential components of web accessibility
> 16.    Introduction to web accessibility
> ---------------------------------------------------------------------
> Stakeholders
> The Institute of Computer Science (ICS), an ERCIM member, is one the seven
> institutes of the Foundation for Research and Technology - Hellas (FORTH), 
> a
> major national research centre partly funded by the General Secretariat 
> for
> Research and Technology of the Hellenic Ministry of Development. The 
> mission
> of FORTH-ICS is to perform high quality basic and applied research, to
> promote education and training, and to contribute to the development of 
> the
> Information Society, at a regional, national, and European level. Since 
> its
> establishment in 1983, FORTH-ICS has had a long history and recognised
> tradition in conducting basic and applied research, and playing a leading
> role, in Greece and internationally, in the field of Information and
> Communication Technologies.
> The Human Computer Interaction Laboratory of FORTH-ICS carries out leading
> research activities focused on developing user interfaces for interactive
> applications and services that are accessible, usable, and ultimately
> acceptable for diverse users in the Information Society. The Laboratory 
> also
> operates the Centre for Universal Access & Assistive Technologies 
> (CUA&AT).
> The main objective of the Centre, which operates in the context of the 
> Human
> Computer Interaction Laboratory of FORTH-ICS, is to support the equal
> participation and socio-economic integration of people with various types 
> of
> disability in the emerging Information Society, by developing accessible
> applications and services. The Centre is actively involved in the
> eEurope/eAccessibility initiatives of the EC, and in the establishment of
> national recommendations in that respect. The Centre also contributes to
> international standardisation activities as well as to dissemination
> activities promoting accessibility. The Centre for Universal Access and
> Assistive Technologies is the co-ordinator of GR-DeAN, the Greek Design 
> for
> All eAccessibility Network, operating as the National Contact Centre in 
> the
> context of EDeAN, the European Design for All eAccessibility Network. The
> GR-DeAN Network aims to promote in Greece the application of the 
> "Universal
> Access and Usability" and "Design for All" principles, support activities
> towards the equal participation of individuals with disabilities in the
> Information Society as well as raise awareness of public and private 
> actors
> regarding the adoption and implementation of W3C-WAI accessibility
> guidelines. Special Interest Groups have been set up to carry out
> discussions related to accessibility issues in Greece.  The network is
> coordinated by FORTH-ICS in cooperation with the National Confederation of
> People with Disability of Greece (ESAEA).
> Vassilika Vouton, GR-700 13 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
> http://www.ics.forth.gr/
> Director of FORTH-ICS and Head of the HCI Laboratory: Prof. Constantine
> Stephanidis
> (cs @ ics.forth.gr)
> W3C Greek Office
> The World Wide Web Consortium (W3C) Office in Greece was founded in 1998 
> and
> is hosted by FORTH-ICS. The Greek W3C Office is the only Greek 
> organisation
> authorised to enrol new W3C Members in Greece. The Office also 
> disseminates
> information regarding W3C cutting-edge technologies, including the work
> performed on the potential of the present Web so that it evolves to the 
> Web
> of the future. Finally, the Office extends its range to European
> Organisations residing in Greece, including the latest W3C member, ENISA,
> the European Network and Information Security Agency, which recently 
> joined
> W3C through the Greek Office.
> Vassilika Vouton, GR-70013 Heraklion, Crete, Greece
> http://www.w3c.gr
> Head: Prof. Evangelos Markatos (markatos @ ics.forth.gr)
> The National Confederation of Disabled People is an umbrella organization
> representing the disability movement of Greece. The N.C.D.P was founded in
> 1989 by organizations of people with disabilities and their families in
> order to copy with issues of common interest related to any kind of
> disability and therefore, is a strong, independent representative body for
> all disabled people in the Greek state. It includes more than 250
> organizations that deal with all kinds of disabilities. The N.C.D.P of
> Greece has officially been recognized as the national co-partner of the
> Greek State dealing with disability issues, promoting policies so that 
> those
> concerned are included socially, economically and politically in the
> everyday life of the country. The N.C.D.P' s mission is to combat
> discriminations against disabled people and protect their rights as well 
> as
> the rights of their families. Its goal is the equalization of 
> opportunities
> for the people with disabilities. At a national level, as the most
> representative organization for people with disabilities, the N.C.D.P
> participates actively in decision-making and stands for people with
> disabilities in the NGO's dialogue with the Greek State. It is organizing
> strategies, controlling the implementation of legal measures and makes
> suggestions to the Greek State regarding education, employment, 
> information
> society and accessibility matters.
> El. Venizelou 236
> GR-16341 Ilioupoli
> Athens Greece
> www.esaea.gr
> Contact person: Anthi Hatjipetrou (esaea @ otenet.gr)
> All of them have agreed to participate
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
> FORTH-ICS has already contacted various organisations interested in
> participating in the review process. Furthermore, FORTH-ICS as the 
> National
> Coordination Centre of GR-DeAN, will channel the validation process 
> through
> the GR-DeAN network, where all major organisations actively involved in 
> this
> field as well as individuals (e.g. people with disabilities, 
> professionals)
> will be invited to comment and contribute.
> ------------------------------------------------------------------
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