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><> wrote:
>>Hi everyone,
>>I've just completed the Polish translation of CSS  Tips and Tricks  
>>located at
>>The new translation is available at  
>>Cheers to all,

Hi, this is a really really minor point about your translation and it's not 
but when I go to the link in your translation,
which is a sub-section of the main document,
you have the following text and link below the heading:


    * TraduÁ&#259;o em portugu&#281;s brasileiro

I think it should be above the heading,
"Arkusze CSS - rady i triki"
like it seems to be in the English version,
but I suppose it does not matter.

(I gather from your documents that Tlumaczenia means "translations" though I 
cannot read Polish honsestly, but I think this is it.)

You also have the same thing at another link:

and at another:

Thanks.  Don't know if there is any reason to change these, for style or 
or if it's better in Polish to list the translations below.

Thanks whatever you decide to do with this for your many translations.

--C. E. Whitehead


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