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On Tue, 09 Aug 2005 14:46:01 +0200, Ivan Herman <> wrote:

> As a summary here is what I would propose:
> * WGs that hear of translations of draft documents should link to them  
> from their public home pages (if they feel the translation is worth 
> linking to).
> Translators should contact the respective working group to check whether  
> the working group thinks translating a specific document version is a
> good idea.
> * To make the situation cleaner, we would also move those 18  
> translations to the Working group space that are currently indexed on  
> /Consortium/Translations
> * The text on /Consortium/Translations should be made clearer to reflect  
> this policy more exactly.

> What do you think?

This sounds extremely good to me. Thanks for taking the time to think  
about the issue.



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