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[Fwd: Accessibility Guidelines translation] Ian Jacobs (Friday, 25 September)

À la grace de Dieu... Diane Choinière (Saturday, 5 September)

Re: JIS/TR of CSS1 Martin J. Duerst (Saturday, 5 September)

HTML 4.0 Italian translation completed and online Daniele K. Gabriele (Thursday, 27 August)

Remove NextSoftware (Wednesday, 26 August)

translate in romanian Cristian Ignat (Monday, 17 August)

Complain Yule Show (Tuesday, 25 August)

Turkish ? Baris Sahin (Sunday, 23 August)

who can work on w3c specifications? Baris Sahin (Sunday, 23 August)

SGML, XML, etc. J. Sagarduy (Monday, 3 August)

ATENCION - ATENÇÃO Felipe Gouveia (Wednesday, 29 July)

XML 1.0 in spanish J. Sagarduy (Tuesday, 21 July)

SMIL translation in French gperon (Monday, 6 July)

Re: Portuguese Joseph M. Reagle Jr. (Monday, 6 July)

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