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Re: 1.4 f: terms for links colocated with their ends

From: David Durand <dgd@cs.bu.edu>
Date: Sun, 9 Feb 1997 17:38:19 -0500
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To: w3c-sgml-wg@w3.org
At 9:59 PM 2/7/97, lee@sq.com wrote:
>As long as they are not shortened to ilink and clink that's not too bad,
>but there is no point in confusing 1000000 people because a community
>of under 100 people who understand HyTime well would prefer those terms
>with which they are the most comfortable :-)

Exactly right.

>I have just posted to suggest splitting the various concepts out
>and having 3 names -- internal/external, implicit end, and participating.

not _exactly right_ (but close):

>An ilink can be internal or external, is not participating (since it is
>not itself one of the link ends) and does not have an implicit end,
>since all the ends are given in the linl.
>A clink is internal, and has an implicit end document which is the one
>that contains it.  It is not participating because it is not one of
>its own link ends.
>An HTML <A HREF=zzz> is internal, participates in the link, and has an
>implicit end document (this one).

You don't need the distinction between participating and implicit as far as
I can tell. The only cases where implicit links have been proposed are
those where the link is participating.

So we have two axes of variation, and four link types

By the way, external, non-participating, 1-ended links are a way to handle
external tagging of static documents, and thus are not useless (even if
they are quite esoteric).

  Interestingly, in my 87.1 copy of Literary Machinces, Nelson proposes to
use this mechanism for Xanadu (which dates, but does not necessarily
recommend it).

  -- David

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